Introducing Our GIVE Program

Introducing Our GIVE Program

Here at Saltwater Air & Electrical, we don’t take for granted what most of us get to enjoy in terms of comfort and lifestyle, and for this reason we are introducing our “GIVE” program – Goodwill Initiative Valuing Everyone.

The initiative is completely volunteer driven and not-for-profit. It is uncomplicated and compassion based. We have been doing this informally for a long time, but have decided to advertise this as a service, for no other reason than many of us know of someone who really needs this help, but have not known how to go about the next step until now…

Please note; this is entirely funded by Saltwater Air & Electrical. We have no funding, grant money or sponsorship for this, it is 100% compassion based.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Tell us who you know that genuinely needs one of our services. We ask for at least 3 people, or better still, an appropriate organisation, to agree and witness formally what you tell us, so that we know it is a genuine case of need. You can nominate yourself as well. We all know people who are very lonely and don’t even know how to go about asking.

Step 2 – we will then follow up with a site visit

Step 3 – the recipient, or someone acting on their behalf, need only provide funds to purchase the required materials. All labour, freight and installation costs are borne by Saltwater Air & Electrical

Step 4 – once appropriate checks have been made, we book the job in and we come do the work

Step 5 – there is a waiting period, but we will book you in and let you now when the work can be carried out

Who qualifies?

Anyone with a genuine need: for example, a single Mum or Dad who needs an air conditioner fitted or some wiring done in the home. Or, it could be an older person or couple needing something similar. A Dad who’s just had an accident and needs some help. A family that just needs a break and some hope. Everybody needs to know they are not forgotten.

If it’s genuine… it qualifies… that’s the thing to remember!


Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

How you might go about it!

If you know of someone who GIVE will benefit, contact us and then get your friends together and pool your resources to cover the cost of materials.

We welcome anyone to join us who would like to lend a hand and have the privilege of being able to give and help.

Services we offer:

Split System Installations
Power Points
Electrical Safety Check
Hot Water System Wiring
Repairs & Maintenance
Ceiling Fans
Stove Wiring
…and much more